1. Basic Pedicure $25
Remove polish – shape and trim nails – cuticle grooming – and then callus treatment – massage – foot mask – hot towel – polish.
2. Hot Chocolate Spa Pedicure $30
Sea Salt & mask with Hot Chocolate flavor. Melt your stress away.
3. Lemon Spa Pedicure $35
Sea salt & lotion with Lemon flavor and cucumber heel treatment. Lemon with vitamin C will remove old skin, moisturize your feet.
4. Peppermint Leaf with Hot Stone Spa Pedicure $40
Sea salt sugar – mask & lotion with Peppermint flavor + extra massage with hot oil and stones, final with heel cream treatment. Relieve tired feet and mind, pain, muscle spasms, itching, and cramping.
5. Coffe with Hot Stone Spa Pedicure $40
Sea salt sugar – mask & lotion with Coffee flavor + extra massage with hot oil and stones, final with heel cream treatment. Relief for stress and aching muscles, hydration.
6. Deluxe Aroma Spa Pedicure with paraffin $40
Sea Salt gel Lavender – lotion and yogurt mask with Lavender or Jasmine flavor Extra massage with paraffin wax. Essential oils, soluble oil into the water and soaking tired feet and legs, blocks harmful UV rays.
7. Jelly with Paraffin Spa Pedicure with OPI lotion $45
Jelly with Aloe Vera flavor – foot mud OPI & lotion OPI , extra massage with paraffin wax and heel cream treatment. Help exfoliate as well as hydrate dry skin.
8 Hawaii Spa Pedicure with Paraffin $45
Scrub – foot mask – lotion cream with Onsen Hot Spring for longer massage – extra paraffin wax – heel treatment. Pamper yourself with Onsen Hot Spring that promotes cell renewal for youthful and healthy looking skin.

9. Chamomile Spa Pedicure with Hot Stone& Paraffin: $50
Scrub- foot mask- lotion Cream with Chamomile flavor for longer massage- paraffin wax- extra hot stone massage- final with heel balm
– Potent herbal remedy that soothes stressed skin and aching muscles. Enjoy and luxuriate yourself in aromatherapy of Chamomile
10. Pearl Spa Pedicute with Hot Stone& Paraffin: $50
Scrub- yoyogurt mask- cream- paraffin- hot stone with extra hot stone massage included- final with heel cream treatment
– Pearl powder contains over a dozen different minerals and 18 different amino acids. Natural moisturizes that protects from UV Roys and free radicals, including 10 essential amino acids necessary for the human body to heal and maintain cell nutrition. Deficiency of any of the key and amino acids cause skin to look coarse, depleted old and winkled.
11. Ginger Root Spa Pedicure with Paraffin& Hot Stone: $55
Scrub- foot mask with Ginger flavor- mint lotion-extra longer massage with Medicaid oil- paraffin- hot stone with hot oil massage
Calming and warming herb relieves inflammation and is good for circulation, sore, crammped, or arching muscles, nausea, rheumatism, arthritis, sprains, and fatigue. (Good for pregnant woman& after delivery or elders)
12. Special Jelly plus Spa Pedicure with Paraffin& Hot Stone: $55
Scrub- foot mask- lotion with 3 flavors for you to choose (Aloe Vera, Lavender, and Peppermint), extra longer massage with hot stone and paraffin
Soak your feet in an anti-bacterial jelly with this aramatic spa, moisture- body hydration
Note: Pedicure #2,3,4,5,6,6,7,8,10,11,12 is included remove polish, shape and trims nails, cuticle grooming, and then callus treatment.

Extra Service:

Hot Stone: $8French Tip: $5
Parraffin: $6Design: $5 & up
Shellac: $10Extra color: $2& up